The Wine Cabinet
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About The Wine Cabinet

Bored of choosing the same old wine? Imagine having a group of expert advisors on hand to select something different for a change

The Wine Cabinet is a group of virtual friends who are there to help you widen your horizons in the wonderful world of wine drinking. It's a new, fun way of selecting wine.

The Wine Cabinet will help you select wines by your location, by food, by style and even by the 'personality' of a wine, helping you discover what wine suits you.

Each virtual 'member of The Cabinet' has a list of their favourite wines which suit their own personality; if you feel like a frisky, elegant white look for Verity but if you want a gnarly regional red choose Luc. You'll soon get to know the characters and which ones like the same kind of wines as you.

You can rate your favourite wines and save them in your cellar so you don't forget them. You can share cellars with your friends on facebook who have also become members of The Wine Cabinet, and see their favourite wines too! Never take the wrong wine to a friend's house again! Know what wine to buy for a friend! Expand your knowledge of wines!

Buy this app and you're a member of The Wine Cabinet, a great way to learn about wine through personality and friends!

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